NEPA Process

GL Environmental, Inc. staff has gained a clear understanding of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and its policies and procedures through years of experience. Through planning and strategy, GL provides clients with direction as to what NEPA is, how the NEPA process applies to their project, and steps required to successfully navigate the process. GL staff has a working familiarity with NEPA including nuclear facilities and large mining operations as well as projects located on U.S. Forest Service lands and New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) highways and right-of-ways.

Environmental Impact Statements:

Our staff has written and reviewed environmental impact statements (EISs) for both private industry and government.

  • Five environmental impact statements were for large mining operations in Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wyoming
  • One EIS was in a historical mining district in the environmentally sensitive Helena and Deerlodge National Forest in Montana
  • GL has been involved in maintaining and supplementing two EISs for Nuclear Regulatory Agency (NRC) regulated facilities
  • GL has also been performed endangered species act compliance surveying and monitoring for a variety of clients 

Environmental Assessments:

GL Environmental authored a NEPA environmental assessment (EA) for the New Mexico Hwy 599/Jaguar Interchange in Santa Fe, New Mexico which included:


  • Project alternatives
  • Noise surveys and analysis
  • Air quality analysis
  • Hazardous materials (initial site) assessment
  • Visual resource assessment
  • Impact to recreation
  • Cumulative impacts analysis

GL has also recently completed an environmental assessment on US Forest Service land for a controversial mining operation in the Capitan Mountains.

Categorical Exclusions:

GL has completed multiple projects on state and federal lands that qualify for categorical exclusions. GL Environmental has performed biological evaluation/assessment and obtained clearance on:

  • Hundreds of miles of highway right-of-way utility installation
  • Several material borrow pits used in support of highway construction
  • Head-gate installation and restoration of an historic acequia (irrigation ditch) on US Forest Service lands

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