Quality Assurance

GL Environmental, Inc. is committed to providing services of the highest quality. As a contracted environmental consulting company, it is our policy to meet or exceed all customer and regulatory expectations. Our commitment to excellence is employed throughout our company as well as by our sub‐contractors. Three crucial components allow GL to fully implement this quality policy: 1) highly competent and well educated staff and management, 2) utilization of the best equipment with the latest available technology, and 3) a formal Quality Assurance program complete with Standard Operating Procedures for data management, employee training, and field sampling protocols.


It is the commitment of GL Environmental, Inc to motivate and empower all employees to achieve the highest level of quality and to conduct business with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

GL has among its staff several advanced degrees, publications in the primary literature, and decades of experience in the field. Our expertise encompasses ecology, physical, organic, and nuclear chemistry, geology, geography, and other disciplines. In addition, GL strives to continually educate its staff and broaden their knowledge base by attending discipline‐specific courses and technical seminars that present the most recent advances in their fields.




GL is fully equipped to perform ecological, hydrological, geographical and other kinds of field surveys. Field equipment includes off‐road 4x4 field vehicles, equipment trailers and watercraft, GPS units with sub‐meter accuracy, multiparameter field water probe, soil coring equipment; bailer and portable downhole submersible pump for well purging and sampling;

Software and hardware for data management include AutoCAD; ArcGIS with spatial,
geostatistical, and 3D Analyst; P6 Project tracking software, Antec Atlas secure server tower with remote access; color printer/scanner and 24" Color Plotter.



QA Program

The Quality Policy at GL provides an instrument for GL Environmental, Inc. to
produce superior products and services.
All processes and equipment used in the
services provided by GL Environmental,
Inc. are subject to this policy.

Elements of the Quality System include:
1) documentation and procedural structure and control
2) control of measuring equipment
3) quality of purchased (sub‐contracted) items and services
4) corrective and preventative action
5) inspections and audits
6) training.

These elements, combined with superior
personnel and the best available technology, guarantee work of the highest quality.


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